Angela Murray

Being diagnosed with advanced stage three breast cancer at age 47 did not knock Angela’s spirits down. From the day she was diagnosed in 2014, she approached her diagnosis with a fearless attitude.

“I was blessed with cancer to find my purpose in life and that it is to be a voice for others.”

Her cancer diagnosis was not something she was ever sad about. Her family, which includes friends old and new, and her doctor along with his amazing nursing staff, allowed her to be who she has always been. They accepted her positive outlook, energy and spirit.

“I never cried or felt the need to because I saw no darkness behind this. They knew I would still be my same positive happy and normal self. It’s who I am, and cancer could not define me.”

Angela is a proud mother and grandmother. She loves to laugh and be surrounded by positive people.

Another positive aspect that came out of having cancer for Angela was the support she received from Susan G. Komen Southeast Wisconsin.

“Because of the generosity of this organization, I was given money towards my insurance deductable, which gave me a lot less to worry about. It gave me a piece of mind as well as a complete feeling of appreciation and gratitude. This is something in my life that I will truly always treasure.”

Angela, a participant in many Race for the Cure’s, never thought she would someday be a breast cancer survivor. Walking for breast cancer has always made her proud, and to be a part of the organization now is mind blowing.

“The people whom I’ve met since June 2014 totally fit my personality, therefore leaving me to say I was blessed with my cancer.”


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