Chandra Williams

CHANDRAAt age 32, Chandra Williams, found herself in a frightening situation when she found a lump in her breast. She was unemployed, did not have insurance, and was turned down for a mammogram because she was not at the eligible age for one. She was also turned down by 3 different hospitals for care. After making an emergency 911 call, she was referred to a doctor who offered to help her, and soon after, she received a letter from Susan G. Komen Southeast Wisconsin which changed her life.

“If it had not been for Susan G. Komen I would probably not be alive right now. With the grant money I was given I was able to use that for hospital care that saved my life.”

After a long battle with stage four breast cancer, Chandra Williams is now an eight year survivor and a strong advocate for awareness.

Chandra has a strong desire to give back to the community and she started her own non-profit called Chandra’s Breast Cancer Models, an agency that focuses on people whom have aspired to be models in spite of breast cancer.

“I think this is a crucial way to give back, so we can gain attention, and create the confidence to get back into the world after breast cancer. I was a model before the scars, and today I am so proud of them. I model now because it is confirmation that you can have breast cancer, radiation, chemotherapy and go through the fire and come out beautiful.”

Chandra didn’t always have this fierce attitude, there were times while going through chemotherapy where she had the desire to give up, but even after 55 treatments of radiation, six months of chemotherapy and 14 surgeries, Chandra can’t help but feel blessed.

“Blessing one, I lived long enough to see my children finish school, blessing two, I was able to see my grandchildren come into this world, and blessing three, I am here to tell my story.”

Chandra has a strong family history of breast cancer. She lost her mother and her three aunts to breast cancer and her two sisters are survivors.

“It’s a matter of awareness, strategic planning and blood sweat and tears. You are left to feel like you have nothing, there are times when you want to give up, but there is life after breast cancer.”

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