Lester White

LESTEROne in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, while only one in 1,000 men will be diagnosed. In June of 2014, Lester White became one in 1,000, and he now is proud to say “I am a breast cancer survivor.”

Lester has a family history of breast cancer. His sister is a breast cancer survivor, and his niece passed away from the terrible disease. It was because of this and his knowledge that men can also get breast cancer, which caused him to get checked out when he noticed inflammation in the area. His doctor ordered a mammogram and after cause for concern, Lester had a MRI. His doctor performed a biopsy and shortly after Lester was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer.

“Hearing the word cancer was the worst thing I have ever heard, it was a life changing moment. My life flashed before my eyes.”

The word cancer still makes a chill go down Lester’s spine, but he knows now he can make a difference. He wants other men to know the importance of examining themselves and spreading the word that men can get breast cancer too.

“It’s ok to go to the doctor, it’s ok not to be embarrassed, and  it’s ok for men to say “I’m a breast cancer survivor.”

With no car, and no insurance, Lester turned to Susan G. Komen Southeast Wisconsin for help. He was able to rceive grant money for taxi rides and prescriptions.

“That helped me enormously because otherwise I would have had to take the bus and wouldn’t have had my medication. I would have been feeling extra bad.  It’s great to know Susan G. Komen just doesn’t help women, they help anyone in need, and they were there for me. “

61 year old Lester and his wife Mary will happily celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary in November. Lester says she is “one of the best” and she is always in his corner 110 percent.

Lester wants to spread the message to men, being aware that men can get breast cancer and knowing the symptoms could save their life. It saved his, and now he is able to watch his amazing and supportive children and grandchildren grow up.

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