Tiffany Dotson

Tiffany Dotson is a 35-year-old client product consultant for FIS residing in Milwaukee, an avid reader and founder of “On the Same Page” book club, a loving daughter, mother to 9 year old Gabrielle and girlfriend to a wonderful man named Bernard. Tiffany is also a breast cancer survivor. Back in 2009, Tiffany was diagnosed with invasive stage 2B breast cancer with no family history. It was after this unexpected diagnosis that her life changed forever.

“All I could think about was my family I’m creating – Gabby, who was three at the time, and Bernard. They needed me and I needed them. I asked the doctor, ‘am I dying?’ He said to me, ‘that’s what we are going to try to prevent.’ That fueled the fighter in me. I needed to live! I wanted to live for me, my family, my daughter and for Bernard. I could not let cancer beat me.”

Tiffany went into this fight with the determination to win, but she had to overcome some personal barriers. As more of a private and independent person, cancer put a spotlight on her that she was not ready for. “I didn’t like everyone knowing I had cancer. I used to say that if I could have done this alone with no one knowing, I would have.” From knowing that her family felt helpless, to losing her hair and breasts, the difficulties that she went through only made her stronger in the end.

Tiffany credits a lot of support coming from Susan G. Komen Southeast Wisconsin. When she was out of work for six months, bills began to pile up. Everything from rent to prescription bills became harder to pay for. She did not know exactly how she was going to pay for all her bills, especially since she would not be able to work for a long period of time, and began looking for help. This is when Komen came into the picture. Komen was able to assist Tiffany in paying for her rent and electricity bills, as well as her co-payments and prescriptions through grant money that she received. “Komen was a saving grace in my life. I am grateful for all that they do,” Tiffany explains.

After all that she went through, Tiffany has a new outlook on life. She is helping other women by becoming a Kohl’s Conversations for a Cure volunteer educator for Susan G. Komen Southeast Wisconsin. Kohl’s Conversations for the Cure is an educational session where women can talk openly about breast cancer and the impact it can have on their lives. The goal of the program is to encourage women to get regular breast health screenings, thereby increasing survival rates throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

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