Planning a Fundraiser Activity?

We are honored to be contacted by passionate members of our community wanting to organize an event or promotion benefiting local programs for breast cancer detection, support, educational awareness and research.

3rd Party Fundraising


If you are interested in hosting your own event utilizing the Komen Wisconsin name and/or logo, please download the Third Party Event Toolkit here for all the details. For questions contact us at or (608) 836-1083.

Rally, Bowl, or Cook for the Cure

You can now plan a Rally for the Cure® program for golf and tennis, wine-tasting and other group/club. Learn how you can become a  Rally Ambassador.

Bowl for the Cure® is a year-round initiative sponsored by USBC. To participate you can look up an event near you or start one yourself. Learn more online.

Cook for the Cure® gives people with a passion for cooking to support Komen. Learn how to host your own Cook for the Cure, download the Party Guide, or join the Pass the Plate® initiative!